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We would like you to enjoy and develop yourself as an erotic being without feelings of shame, guilt or tension and enrich your life of pleasure, self-esteem, enjoyment and more intensive perception of life as such.

 Holistic, sensual massages are really to be holistic and sensual.

Našim cílem je umožanit vám, abyste se prostřednictvím smyslných, tantrických a erotických masáží mohli rozvíjet jako svobodné erotické bytosti bez pocitů studu, viny či napětí. Tak obohatítete svůj život nejen o nové erotické zážitky a potěšení, ale objevíte i další rozměr své sexuality a posílite své sebevědomí.

Celostní smyslné másáže studia Paragaté jsou vaší cestou k intenzivnějšímu vnímání světa jako takového.

 Hlavním cílem celostních smyslných masáží studia Paragaté je, aby byly opravdu celostní a smyslné.


...not only because we cover your whole body, including your intimate parts, with classical massage, but also because you will be respected as a unique individual.  We accept you for who you are and we understand your desires and wishes.  Your beautiful exciting experience and relaxation during your massage is our only goal. Allow yourself to surrender your entire body and mind to the care of our experienced masseurs and masseuses and discover your own true nature.


...surely for being unusually electrifying. And that is from the very first moment you meet your masseurs or masseuses. They are also sensual because you will feel it through all your senses. Enjoy the beauty and variety of touches while listening to soothing music, smelling lovely incenses and oils, and indulging in the pleasure of the moment. There is also a great deal of sense, which means purpose and meaning, because they can bring beauty into your life and they can also improve quality of your life. Sensual massages can heal, strengthen, charge with energy, and induce feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and delight. They have magical power, and it is up to you what you allow them to do with you.


...are the oldest forms of therapy. There are dozens of different types of massages based on various cultural roots and individual kinds mingle. In Studio Paragaté we would like to offer you an original combination of the best from the classical massages and massages related to human sexuality. We want to connect something that seems impossible so that you can relax your body and, you mind and experience infinite pleasure. Do not worry what is right and what is wrong about your experience.

We guarantee a professional approach and environment

Our team consists of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (CSB) and massage therapist, who regularly attend courses of the holistic sensual massages and Sexological bodywork of our Intimate communion school or EASE – European Academy of somatic education.

We Offer

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The concept of Paragaté holistic sensual massage is unique and combines high-quality classical massage with professional intimate massage and so indulges you with the feeling of the utmost care of our embrace.
Our aim is to teach you to enjoy and develop yourself as an erotic being and to enrich your life beyond sensual pleasure. Learn to be a better lover, discover multiorgasmic states, and enlarge your own potential.

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