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We combine the best from classical massage and sensual holistic massage. We gently encourage you to expand your boundaries of intimacy while respecting your wishes and limits. We strive for your total relaxation and the stimulation of your sexual energy to enable you to experience ecstasy. Your masseur or masseuse is aware of boundaries that cannot be crossed during the massage. Yet they will offer you an experience that will bring you much more than a typical classical, tantric or erotic massages. You will choose the intensity and the kind of massage most suitable for you.
















  • Oral sex or intercourse is totally in contrary to these types of massages. Any suggestions of this kind are inappropriate!
  • Touching is not bidirectional. The masseur may allow , gentle touch to feel comfortable.
  • Any contact with masseur or masseuse must be consensual! Any unexpected touching can be taken as breaking rules!
  • We do not provide massages to clients under clear influence of alcohol or drugs. However, a single glass of wine or champagne is fine.
  • It is inappropriate to offer financial reward for extra service to our massage therapists. The massage therapists will not comply with such requests.

Any unsuitable behaviour or sexual harassment crossing the masseur’s rules or boundaries will be considered breaking the rules. In such cases, the massage can be stopped and charged in full.

We guarantee a professional approach and environment

Our team consists of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (CSB) and massage therapist, who regularly attend courses of the holistic sensual massages and Sexological bodywork of our Intimate communion school or EASE – European Academy of somatic education.

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