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Taostic Erotic Massages


We would like to welcome you to trance experience of TEM, to learn the Taoist breathing techniques that bring multiorgasmic and ecstatic states.
☯ 道 ☯
Discover and expand the potential of your sexuality by connecting erotic massage and taoistic breathing techniques inducing altered and hitherto unknown states of consciousness.

Our erotic masseur or masseuse will take you through TEM and teach you how to achieve multiple orgasms, full body orgasms, or female ejaculation and how to use the energy.

Expand the scale of your erotic experience through TEM and become a great lover.
☯ 道 ☯
Price includes consultation and lesson.

Massage procedure

After the initial interview when you have an opportunity to meet your masseur or masseuse, and share your expectation, wishes, intention and discuss the massage procedure, you can take a shower and cover yourself with a scarf (also called sarong).

At the beginning of the massage your masseur or masseuse will take you through a few easy breathing techniques which are necessary to achieve full body multiple orgasms, ecstasy, in addition to the capability of delaying climax which increases your sexual stamina and experience. You will learn a taoistic technique called big draw that distributes the excitement through your whole body, and beyond its physical limits.

The massage itself begins with initial exercise in a standing position. The exercise is to get you into your body, get the blood flowing and distract controlling mind and prepare you for an intensive experience. The massage of body alternates between dynamic and meditative. It includes intimate massage of penis or clitoris alternately with body massage or may include both at the same time. Anal massage, prostate massage or G-spot massage may also be included withthe intimate massage. You are not to receive massage passively, as is customary with typical massages; ratheryou take an active part in building your experience by actively receiving through breathing, moving, and releasing sound. Your masseur or masseuse will guide you through this.

At the end of the massage you will have enough time to relieve tension, relax and absorb the powerful experience. If you wish you can share your impressions and feelings after taking a shower.


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