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Massages for women

Erotic Massage has long been not just the domain of men. If you are a woman, put your shyness, prejudice and trust into the hands of our experienced masseurs or masseuses. We adjust each massage for women to fit their way of perceiving and experiencing the erotic excitement, so that it would be a sensual ritual celebrating their femininity. During the massage, we fully respect their sense of tenderness, beauty and fragrance, thanks to which they can get carried away by their sexual energy. We treat each woman with suitable dynamics and sensitive approach and we make sure she indulges in what she desires. 

Dear women, let yourselves to experience a loving encounter with yourselves throughout sensual massage in Paragate studio.

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We offer

This professional massage will not only aid recovery and relaxation, but also bring you extraordinary erotic experiences.
The tantric massage ritual is full of deep erotic experience, due to the magic of conscious touch, mutual perception, sharing and love.
TEM massage expands consciousness through intense sexual stimulation and holotropic breathing techniques, which can induce multi-orgasmic and ecstatic states.
Erotic massage based on the conscious use of BDSM techniques which take you into the world of submission and domination, bondage and S & M.
The pearl of Studio Paragaté massages. A unique and intimate evening with VIP service.
Našim cílem je naučit každého užívat si a rozvíjet sebe jako erotickou bytost a obohacovat váš život nejen o potěšení. Naučte se být lepším milencem/kou, objevte multiorgasmické stavy, rozšiřte svůj potenciál.


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We guarantee a professional approach and environment

Our team consists of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (CSB) and massage therapist who regularly attend courses of holistic sensual massages and sexological bodywork of our Intimate communion school or EASE – European Academy of somatic education.

Passages from References

"Martin, I would like to thank you so much for the massage at your studio. Finally, you are someone who does the job really well. Thank you so much for a great experience and incredible relaxation. I hope you have a lot of satisfied regulars 🙂 I already belong among them."
„Hello, I had a massage with masseuse Paragaté yesterday. Her attitude was absolutely perfect. A nice and pleasant masseuse. Once again I would like to thank you and I will certainly use your services more often. I felt pleasantly relaxed like never before. ☺ Even this morning I still felt quite positive. Thank you."

We offer

Get to know our philosophy, team and rules or read references and interesting articles about our massages.
The concept of Paragaté holistic sensual massage is unique and combines high-quality classical massage with professional intimate massage and so indulges you with the feeling of the utmost care of our embrace.
Our aim is to teach you to enjoy and develop yourself as an erotic being and to enrich your life beyond sensual pleasure. Learn to be a better lover, discover multiorgasmic states, and enlarge your own potential.

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