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Secret Intimacy Paragaté


Experience an exceptional intimate evening which is unique from the very beginning. In its length, natural flow and a unique atmosphere in which intimate communion takes place.
Choose the best massage from our offer and enrich this experience with a first-class service from our masseurs or masseuses. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the care and attention as you have never experienced before.
The most beautiful intimate night full of sensuality will give you more than a beautiful erotic experience.
We offer this special massage evening just to our regular customers who have experienced our massages and who are able, in spite of very strong intimate experiences, to keep the rules and boundaries.

Massage procedure

The evening begins as a very pleasant date when you have a glass of champagne, and an intimate chat with your masseur or masseuse. You indulge in delicious snacks, listen to the sound of music, and feel yourselves more and more. Your movements, gestures, melody of your words, play of your eyes. You feel the excitement just from this moment and how the evening will continue.

You will feel the right moment to have a shower together. The masseur or masseuse will bathe you with care and you will long to do the same. It is up to your masseur or masseuse if they let you.

After returning to the massage room the sensual full body massage begins. It will resemble tantric massage but can include elements of BDSM, regeneration or relaxation massage. Everything is up to you. Either way, the massage is always enriching and your senses are stimulated in all ways. How so? Let it be a surprise. Not only your touch but also your sight, smell, hearing will be the object of a sensual stimulation. The massage gently proceeds and you begin to get lost in the powerful deep experience. You will not believe how quickly time passes and still you will have a feeling of an incredibly long and colourful journey. The journey, through which you discovered the depth and strength of your sexuality and hitherto unknown degree of erotic excitement.

Even the end of the massage is gentle and your masseur or masseuse leaves you with final calming touch. You will lie down on the futon and have plenty of time to relax and absorb the experience. Your masseur or masseuse returns after you shower to discuss your impressions and feelings. You may refresh yourself with delicious drink, fruit, chocolate. You probably will not want to leave...

Price List VIP Secret Intimacy Paragaté

Price for Members of Loyalty Program: CZK 2.000,--

Price: CZK 3.000,--

Pricefor Members of Loyalty Program: CZK 4.000,--Kč to CZK 10.000,--

Price: CZK 6.000,--Kč to CZK 15.000,--

Price for Members of Loyalty Program:  4.000,-- SALE CZK 3.200,-- for 1 hour

Price:  6.000,-- SALE CZK 5.800,--  for 1 hour


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