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Relaxing and Regenerating Erotic Massages


Make your dreams come true. Let your masseur go beyond classical massage and reveal herself to you, helping you relax and regenerate your body with intimate massage. 
Treat yourself with regeneration and relaxation as well as a sensual erotic experience.
Our luxurious regenerative and relaxing massages include elements of Thai massages, aromatic oils, hot stones, conscious and stimulating touches. Pleasant, daring masseur or masseuse will not only cover every inch of your body but will let you indulge in their closeness.
We push regeneration and relaxation to absolute relief on all levels.

Massage procedure

Prior to the erotic massage you will meet your masseur and may share your wishes and expectation as well as discuss the massage procedure. It is up to you whether you want to just regenerate your body or just completely relax.

Once you have enjoyed a shower you will lie down on a comfortable bed. The masseur will begin with a classical massage aimed to regenerate or relax your body. The massage includes the best of classical massages, elements of Thai massage, as well as aromatic oils and hot stones.

Through receiving massage you will feel your body and mind completely relax. The massage is holistic so you will be treated to sensual touches which do not avoid intimate parts. An attractive masseur or masseuse gradually gets undressed and indulges you in erotic excitement. The intimate massage may be included anytime during the massage depending on your needs and the intensity of your expectations. You will be given a beautiful, professional regeneration or relaxation massage through which you reach total relaxation and sexual satisfaction. Remember the boundaries of intimacy are pushed by a masseur or masseurs only. If you don’t cross the border, you will be rewarded with a beautiful massage with an erotic experience.

You have 30 extra minutes for conversation with your masseur and take a shower before and after massage.


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