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Price List

In Studio Paragaté we care about quality and we always guarantee a true balance between our prices and our services. We would like to help you with your choice. Our first promise is that our team are enthusiastic about their work and do it from the heart.  Our next promise is that all the members of our team are committed to furthering their education. We acknowledge that the masseurs starting their practice have to offer lower prices than the more experienced. This makes us exceptional amongst massage studios and we would like to offer this choice to you.

In our team you can choose from Junior Masseurs, Masseurs and Top Masseurs.

* In all the massages we offer you are given an additional 30 minutes free for showering and introductions.

** In Studio Paragaté we accept payment in cash only.

Junior Masseurs

have shorter massage experience at Studio Paragaté. At this time they are still going through their training and they work with great enthusiasm thanks to their newly discovered enchantment  from the world of intimate massages.



60 min. massage ... 1500 Kč

90 min. massage ... 2250 Kč

Most Popular

2 h. massage ... 3000 Kč

2,5 h. massage ... 3750 Kč

3 h. massage ... 4500 Kč


have a minimum of one year experience in the world of intimate massages. They are graduates of tantric courses and regularly participate in courses of the Intimate Communion School. They are enthusiasts for their work and perceive it as part of their long-term personal development.

60 min. massage ... 1800 Kč

90 min. massage ... 2700 Kč

Most Popular

2 h. massage ... 3600 Kč

2,5 h. massage ... 4500 Kč

3 h. massage ... 5400 Kč

Cena: od 4.000,-- až 10.000,--

Cena: + Kč 4.000,--  SLEVA 20% Kč 3200,--

Top Masseurs

are experts in the area of personal development through sexuality, have longer practice and rich experience with tantric and erotic massages in the Czech Republic and often abroad as well. Most are certified graduates of  training in Sexological Bodywork (CSB). They are not only masseurs but your guides also.

60 min. massage ... 2000 Kč

90 min. massage ... 3000 Kč

Most Popular

2 h. massage ... 4000 Kč

2,5 h. massage ... 5000 Kč

3 h. massage ... 6000 Kč

Price List VIP Secret Intimacy Paragaté

Price for Members of Loyalty Program: CZK 2.000,--

Price: CZK 3.000,--

Pricefor Members of Loyalty Program: CZK 4.000,--Kč to CZK 10.000,--

Price: CZK 6.000,--Kč to CZK 15.000,--

Price for Members of Loyalty Program:  4.000,-- SALE CZK 3.200,--  for 1 hour

Price:  6.000,-- SALE CZK 5.800,-- for 1 hour

Erotic Education - Price List

Price: Kč 1.300 ,--

Price: Kč 3.900 ,--

Price: + Kč 1.000 ,--

basic price for one person - CZK 3.900, -
each additional person + CZK 1.000, -
each additional hour + CZK 1.000, -
eache trainer or a figurant for lesson + CZK 1.000, -

Price by agreement.

We Offer

About Us
About Us

Get to know our philosophy, team and rules or read references and interesting articles about our massages.

Sensual Massages
Sensual Massages

The concept of Paragaté holistic sensual massage is unique and combines high-quality classical massage with professional intimate massage and so indulges you with the feeling of the utmost care of our embrace.

Erotic Education
Erotic Education

Our aim is to teach you to enjoy and develop yourself as an erotic being and to enrich your life beyond sensual pleasure. Learn to be a better lover, discover multiorgasmic states, and enlarge your own potential.

Passages from References

"Martin, I would like to thank you so much for the massage at your studio. Finally, you are someone who does the job really well. Thank you so much for a great experience and incredible relaxation. I hope you have a lot of satisfied regulars 🙂 I already belong among them."

„Hello, I had a massage with masseuse Paragaté yesterday. Her attitude was absolutely perfect. A nice and pleasant masseuse. Once again I would like to thank you and I will certainly use your services more often. I felt pleasantly relaxed like never before. ☺ Even this morning I still felt quite positive. Thank you."

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