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Tantric Massage


Enter the world of pure sensuality. We will introduce you to the mystery of conscious erotic experience. We will take you on a journey to discover the treasures of Tantric pleasure.
ॐ मणिपद्मे हूँ

During the tantric massage ritual not only time but the whole universe will stop. The touch of your tantric guide will take you to another dimension of sensory perception of body, space and time.

Tantric guides will teach you to become more open to sexual energy and deep consciousness. They will convey transpersonal experience of tantric massage ritual through sensual touch.

Start the intimate journey of discoverying sensuality, pleasure, andspiritual liberation. 
ॐ मणिपद्मे हूँ

Massage procedure

Tantric massage is always preceded by an introduction to your masseur or masseuse when you can share your expectation, wishes, intentions and discuss the procedure of the massage. Then the masseur or masseuse leaves and you have time to take shower and get dressed into a scarf (also called sarong). Then when you indicate, the masseur or masseuse returns.

You stand facing each other and the ritual begins. During the ritual you receive fine touch and start to perceive your masseur’s depth and strength. You close your eyes and begin to leave the reality of the outside world and enter your own body. During the ritual you both take off your sarongs as well as your masks and responsibilities, and forget about everyday worries.

After you lie down on a futon, the holistic sensual massage follows. You will gradually feel relaxed and begin to distribute the awakening sexual energy trough your body. You will enjoy not only incredible variety of touches from your masseur or masseuse, but also sensations  from feather, fur or hot towels.

The uniqueness of tantric sensual massage is in its acceptance of you and your whole body. You stop being shy and you permit yourself to receive intimate massage, which is an important part of tantric massage. You may be a little surprised with its authenticity, sincerity, and beauty. You will perceive yourself, calm your emotions and enjoy the incredible power of your sexual energy.

At the end of the massage you will be covered with a sarong and you will have enough time to relax and absorb the experience. Your masseur or masseuse leaves and comes back after you shower to have a final chat where you can share your impressions and feelings.

You have 30 extra minutes for conversation with your masseur and take a shower before and after massage.


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